Simon Telian Appointed as CEO of Advanced Blockchain

Advanced Blockchain had previously announced that Telian will be appointed as CEO on 31st August. Telian has taken over from Michael Geike, who will now take up a key advisory role at the company and remain involved with operations.

Telian holds an M.Sc. degree in Corporate Management & Economics. Telian started his career at Dresdner Bank and subsequently worked for Commerzbank as an Executive Assistant. After holding various positions at Rocket Internet, Würth Group (IBB AG), and Asia Venture Group, he founded his own company in South Africa which he later successfully exited.

Before taking the helm as CEO of Advanced Blockchain, Telian held several management positions, including Chief Investment Officer of Advanced Blockchain and CEO of Needless to say, Telian played a key role in building the 8-digit investment portfolio of Advanced Blockchain.

Moving forward, Telian is tasked with leading Advanced Blockchain into its next growth phase, taking into consideration current and prospective market conditions, establishing new, standardized workflows, and streamlining organizational capacities. Furthermore, Telian is keen on harnessing Advanced Blockchain's ability to recognize promising projects and early trends, along with the AB.Research team and act on them accordingly – this was key to successful incubations and investments in the past.

As the first publicly-listed blockchain company in Europe, Advanced Blockchain is one of the leaders in the space. Simon intends on building on the company's well-documented and proven track record to make strategic investments and attract and onboard innovative entrepreneurs whose offerings meet our vision, helping them build incubations from scratch, sustainably, and efficiently.

Under the management of Telian, Advanced Blockchain will continue to add value to its ecosystem of incubations and investments, providing extensive support to them through the deployment of business resources, such as development, networking, marketing, and design efforts.

Telian also aims to improve communication and collaboration between Advanced Blockchain’s various stakeholders, retail investors, and beginners in the blockchain space. This will be conducted in several ways, including increasing Advanced Blockchain's operational transparency and efficiency, making it easy for one and all to understand how the company is run, and furthering Investor Relations efforts. Based on Telian’s experience in the traditional capital market and his monumental involvement in Advanced Blockchain's early-stage investments like Polkadot, Manta, and Energy Web, he is confident that the company will achieve its goals.

Under Telian, Advanced Blockchain will focus on its key strengths and create recurring income streams, through its experience in digital securities, such as running audits with in-house auditor Stela Labs, ICO consulting, running validator notes within different ecosystems, etc. These are the areas where Advanced Blockchain sees the most potential for growth in the current market climate.

Simon Telian, CEO of Advanced Blockchain, adds: 

"After three exciting and eventful years with the company, I am delighted to take on the role of CEO at Advanced Blockchain and overlook our portfolio companies. Advanced Blockchain has immense potential, and I look forward to working with the team to realize the company’s full potential. We will focus on our strengths and deliver value to our ecosystem partners while strengthening our recurring revenue streams to further  shareholder value."

Advanced Blockchain looks forward to this new growth period, and as always, we appreciate your extensive support. 

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