AB Capital

AB.Capital is our investment wing and is uniquely positioned to provide smart capital to entrepreneurs at every stage of the business life cycle. Our portfolio companies can take full advantage of the resources provided by AB Labs and AB Research to accelerate their growth, refine their innovation, and scale their operations.



Analyze & Vet

Our Investment Process

Access to early and proprietary deal flow

Our position as a value-add investor, builder, and researcher enables us to source budding innovations at the earliest stages of their life cycle. We invest early in attractive and exclusive Web3 opportunities, providing long-term value to our global shareholders, partners, and communities.

Our expert team of analysts and researchers source and vet high-potential deals. We identify significant ROI opportunities, invest early, and provide holistic support to ensure the success of our portfolio holdings.

Investing to Pioneer Adoption

AB Capital combines the expertise of traditional and decentralized finance to pioneer innovation with the core goals of bridging the gap between mainstream adoption of Web3 solutions and participating in the profitable opportunities therein. Being mindful of our other core values, we favor investing as early as possible to ensure that projects have as much benefit added from Advanced Blockchain and we have the most advantageous investment position. 

Ecosystem-Centric Investing

AB Capital projects often contribute utility and long-term value to our overall ecosystem. We promote interoperability in solutions but also in interoperable workflow and collaboration between our projects. Our core mission entails driving adoption and generating a return on our investments, but beyond that, we seek to identify collaborative opportunities within our portfolio, we call this ecosystem-centric investing. ‌‌

Research-Backed Analysis

AB Capital and AB Research converge to identify problems and gaps within the ecosystems enabling us to proactively find valuable investment-ready solutions. We carefully assess the longevity and profitability of the thesis, whilst being cognisant of current projects and innovations in our portfolio. Research, therefore, is not isolated to birthing the latest innovations and solutions but is an active part of how we carefully invest conscientiously and strategically in the trends of today and tomorrow.

Value Beyond Capital 

AB's teams of in-house experts across software, communication, research, and business development are regularly utilized by our diverse portfolio, to build and further evolve their products, presence, and value. This can range from in-depth product reviews to marketing strategy with implementation and assistance in integrations and partnerships with other protocols - truly adding value beyond our capital investment to entrepreneurs and companies.