AB Research

AB.Research is our in-house think tank, formulating innovative solutions to industry gaps. The AB.Research team is an integral part of our ecosystem and in enabling the future of blockchain and Web3, by actualizing solutions to the most probing questions in the industry. AB.Research works in close quarters with AB.Capital and AB.Labs to substantiate our investment, innovation, and incubation efforts.

Indentify Problems
Discover Opportunities
Theorize & Innovate
Test & Launch Solutions
Equip Teams to Succeed

AB Research is composed of leading cryptographers, mathematicians, and academics with prolific backgrounds and is the embodiment of our dedication to the space as a whole.

A Multifaceted Approach

Our approach is multifaceted as we aim to not only discover but theorize, test,  innovate, andeducate through research.  We identify problems and market/ecosystem opportunities and equipteams with relevant knowledge to test and launch solutions that add value to the blockchain andWeb3 space. In addition to identifying solutions to new problems, our team is dedicated to solving the challenges that existing protocols face. These challenges are sometimes ecosystem-wide or industry-specific.

Our Commitment to Education

We believe it is paramount to nurture a new advent of researchers and academics that are inspired to solve and answer the biggest questions currently facing the blockchain and Web3 industries. AB Research is our commitment to education by nurturing talent and thought that can further the mass adoption of the industry. By doing so we can also attract the best talent from some of the leading institutes globally.

Our Portfolio Support Process

AB.Research is an integral part of educating, and actualizing our portfolio of AB-built projects, incubations, and investments. We add value to our portfolio as we consistently analyze project-specific competitors, ecosystems, and processes. We ensure our portfolio companiesare not only well-informed but also in a leading and competitive market position.