NTT, FATH Mechatronics and peaq Partner on Next-Generation Data Center Security Solution

NTT, FATH Mechatronics and peaq Partner on Next-Generation Data Center Security Solution

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA, FATH Mechatronics and peaq joined forces to create and integrate an innovative security solution for NTT’s data centers. The solution combines FATH’s state-of-the-art IoT hardware with peaq’s cutting edge blockchain software. The solution was successfully integrated into NTT Ltd’s Technology Experience Lab, with the next steps in motion.

NTT Global Data Centers EMEA has brought FATH Mechatronics and peaq together to create and integrate an innovative access control solution for data centers. The security solution combines FATH’s IoT hardware with peaq’s blockchain based access control software, a permission and access control system which leverages blockchain to improve cybersecurity and optimise access management processes.

When a user attempts to gain access via FATH’s TANlock, authentication data is generated. This is sent to peaq access control which then either confirms or rejects authorization to the access point by comparing the data with user rights stored. This whole process is recorded and processed on the blockchain where it is protected from any kind of manipulation.

“With the flexible interfaces of the TANlock it could be shown how fast and agile the company peaq can connect software with highest security requirements,” said Dr. Frank Schütz, CEO of FATH Mechatronics.

Any attempt - successful or not - to gain access to an access point (in this case to server racks) is verifiably logged on the blockchain and can be viewed via the product interface and verified on the “blockchain explorer” feature in peaq access control. Peaq access control is also used to create new access authorisations and store access rights.

The result is a fully-GDPR compliant solution that enables all server racks and users to be managed from one place with multi-factor authentication permanently recorded on the blockchain. It can be used to grant or revoke access to any access point or device as needed - with immutable, verifiable records of every request, attempt, grant, and rejection of access from one place. This massively reduces administrative costs and makes auditing processes instantaneous.

As Toan Nguyen Director of Global Data Centers, Business Development and Cloud Platform at NTT put it, “This solution is a great example of novel, powerful technologies hitting the adoption curve and creating real business value. The combination of FATH Mechatronics’ IoT security hardware and peaq’s blockchain technology software is taking data center security to new heights. We look forward to exploring next steps to continuously provide the highest security standards to our clients.”

With this solution peaq and FATH Mechatronics eliminate the threat of hidden access grants - significantly reducing the overall threat of being compromised. It adds an unprecedented layer of security to any access point it is integrated with.

“Our access control solution demonstrates the great potential of Distributed Ledger Technology for the IoT sector” said Pavel Formenko, CTO of peaq. “Our technology allows customers to adapt the solution to their specific needs and preferences, while the DLT architecture is perfectly suited to the huge amount of data being created by the increasing number of IoT devices.”

Interested companies can run the solution at NTT’s Ltd.’s Technology Experience Lab in Frankfurt.

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