Consensus 2019 | Blockchain Week NYC

Consensus 2019 | Blockchain Week NYC

Our Head of Research, Florian Reike, represented Advanced Blockchain AG in New York City this week for Blockchain Week NYC and the annual Consensus conference.

The event, organised by CoinDesk and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, was held between May 13th and 15th. It brought some of the best blockchain minds from over 100 countries together for a chance to meet and collaborate at what is largely considered the must attend blockchain summit of the year.

The annual gathering is considered to be the hub of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world, and since 2015, Consensus has provided a place for developers, founders, investors and big companies to engage in conversation about the future of the industry.

The three day event was an opportunity for people in the field to join forces, share  expertise and learn. Discussions, debates and collaborations were driven by the diversity of the Consensus event as it brings entrepreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and anyone interested together.

Consensus never disappoints. This one was especially good as I felt a really firm focus on value creation by blockchain companies and industry leaders alike.

- Florian Reike, Head of Research

As part of of Blockchain Week NYC, we also co-hosted an event with ChainView Capital, bringing over 50 blockchain experts together for networking and discussion a day before the main Consensus event.