Based on Previous Successes, Advanced Blockchain AG is Increasing it Yield Farming Practices to Involve 7 Figures

Based on Previous Successes, Advanced Blockchain AG is Increasing it Yield Farming Practices to Involve 7 Figures

Advanced Blockchain is increasing its engagement in yield farming to 7 figures worth of digital assets. Based on the performance of its current portfolio, this is positioned to continue to generate significant earnings for the organization.

Advanced Blockchain AG is pleased to announce that, stemming from the continued strong performance of its yield farming of digital assets, a total of 7 figures will be allocated to this investment mechanism. This increased amount will be delegated to our established yield farming activities, which are being managed through our investment vehicle, Incredulous Labs.

As previously reported, Advanced Blockchain has been successfully performing yield farming via its portfolio company.

Yield farming is the investment of digital assets strategically into a multitude of blockchain-based projects, with the purpose of earning (or, “farming”) the highest possible yield. A number of protocols in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry have automated this process, seamlessly moving digital assets from investment to investment to produce optimal returns. Since deploying into yield farming strategies from our initial investment, this strategy yielded a 167% return. This significant profit is partially attributable to the reinvestment and compounding of the yield.

Given these continued and significant successes, Advanced Blockchain will now increase its yield farming participation to 7 figures.

Advanced Blockchain has had continued and significant success with yield farming, and projects continued gains from this practice. Therefore, Advanced Blockchain will now be yield farming 7 figures worth of digital assets. This yield farming strategy includes the strategic investment into automatic market makers (AMMs), lending protocols, and other yield-generating mechanisms.

Yield farming is beneficial to both Advanced Blockchain AG as well as the blockchain-based protocols that are involved.

Advanced Blockchain’s yield farming practices will supply it with the capital needed to invest in and support new and existing projects. Furthermore, this process also supports the DeFi projects that Advanced blockchain’s digital assets have been invested in during the yield farming process. Thus, Advanced Blockchain’s yield farming serves as a dually effective approach for benefitting the organization while supporting the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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