Announcement: Warp fulfilled developments with AB.Labs

Dear valued stakeholders, Warp supporters and community members,

We noticed all your questions over several months, and we are finally ready to answer all of them. 

Today the Warp Team is pleased to announce that Warp Finance has officially left the Advanced Blockchain incubator.
Warp is an independent entity that operates self-sufficiently. 

Throughout 2022, Advanced Blockchain provided assistance and developer resources to help stabilize and improve the project.

With the development and delivery of the official version two Beta of Warp Finance's core product, audit of the code necessary for the full version two release, and fix of most of the revealed issues, Warp was significantly improved in order to provide its users the needed product safety. 

The Warp Finance core team is committed to eliminating final issues and moving forward with a full version two release to improve the user experience and launch long awaited services. 

Advanced Blockchain remains a key stakeholder in this project and still holds over 70% of its initial portion.

Warp Finance looks forward to potential opportunities to work together again and appreciates the continuous support of the project's success.