An Open Letter to Our Present and Future Investors

An Open Letter to Our Present and Future Investors

Dear Advanced Blockchain AG investors,

Advanced Blockchain AG is growing. And with it, our visions, objectives, and projects are growing as well.

Before looking forward to our future ventures we would first like to reflect on our past successes and thank all of those involved with these achievements. Our past core focus, peaq, has gone exceedingly well. peaq now provides a next-generation blockchain offering which goes above and beyond all industry standards. peaq’s goal is to be the go-to blockchain infrastructure backbone for the “Internet of Things”. peaq is currently in negotiations to onboard first system integrators, while peaq’s industry platforms have entered advanced development stages. Other fruitful past projects include our token investments, Energy Web Token (EWT) and Polkadot, which were successful.

Given our newly accrued capital, recently onboarded teammates, and successfully built out projects, we have the capacity to grow into new and exciting endeavors.

We do so with a newly launched mission:

Advanced Blockchain AG is a publicly listed, transformational blockchain venture builder with major capability for disruption.

Under this new direction, we will redirect and grow ABAG into three pillar projects:

1. Venture capital investing through

We will act as a venture capital (VC) investment entity through We intend to be stage and industry agnostic (with a preference for early stage investments),  based on our experience that a startup can be successful in any field or phase. By leaving our options open in these regards, we are able to be much more exacting about the other characteristics of our investments. We will capitalize upon our team’s broad industry expertise to discern which startups stand out from the crowd and address problems in an entirely new and innovative way. Particularly, we are interested in funding companies that use blockchain, as our experience in this industry has shown us there is immense potential for innovation here. Currently, we are in conversations with several startups, and we are likely to soon close on investing into a startup in the manufacturing industry.

2. Venture building and acceleration:

We believe strongly in the skill and experience of our team, and thus have launched an accelerator to support innovative ideas and startups. Currently, our roadmap involves the venture acceleration of FinPro AG, and we will continue to build out our portfolio. Furthermore, we are in the process of incubating a concept in the decentralized finance space.

3. Venture building for companies interested in innovation:

In the future, once we successfully build out our first two pillars, we will offer a venture building function for companies seeking to innovate in the Web 3.0 space. We will emphasize working with pre-established companies that have proven themselves successful in the past, and are presently seeking to broaden their horizons with the guidance of ABAG. As such, this venture building relationship will be mutually beneficial; our partner entities will receive a multitude of resources from us, and in return we will earn revenue as part of the venture building contract. We will additionally benefit from the association with such well-established companies, increasing positive perceptions, recognizability, and future contracts for our company.

As we solidify and expand upon these new pillars of our company, we will adhere to our overarching themes, which guide us morally and materially:

1. We are obsessed with high-end venture development:

Advanced Blockchain AG is committed to supporting the ventures behind the best Web 3.0 products on the market, in every possible way. Our top-tier product management strategy will allow us to actualize this vision.

2. We are obsessed with team development:

At Advanced Blockchain AG, we believe the team is the core to any project – just as our team is core to our company’s accomplishments, the teams of our venture building projects are crucial to their successes. For each of our projects, we will seek to assemble “the Avengers” of their respective industries. Our assembled teams will be impressive alone, but will be complemented by individuals with other skill sets. However, just like the Avengers, our teams will be stronger together, possessing all of the knowledge and skill needed to drive our ventures to success.

3. We are obsessed with investing in top-tier teams:

Just like we will seek to build the ideal team for each of our venture building projects, we will seek out projects with top-tier teams for our venture capital investments. A project may have an incredible idea, but we know that if the team is lacking (in experience, knowledge, innovation, collaboration, or otherwise), it is not a sound investment.

4. We are obsessed with being a thought leader:

Other companies may be satisfied with simply churning out financially profitable projects. Not us – we strive to become a thought leader in the blockchain industry. We will achieve to craft this status by producing other content with reach and relevance. Specifically, we seek to achieve recognizability as a company which is:

  • Hyper-technical and execution-oriented in its leadership
  • Well-versed in the space and pushing the cutting edge
  • An actual creator of the cutting-edge in the industry (through venture building)
  • Hired by large corporations to develop and deliver innovative products for them

We hope you are as excited as we are as our company enters into this new era, and are grateful for your continued support. Together, we are building a more streamlined and equitable future: the future of blockchain and Web 3.0.

Thank you,

The Advanced Blockchain AG Management Team