Advanced Blockchain’s portfolio companies, Composable Finance and Polymer Labs explore synergistic collaboration efforts as they continue to set the scene for an interoperable DeFi future

Advanced Blockchain’s portfolio companies, Composable Finance and Polymer Labs explore synergistic collaboration efforts as they continue to set the scene for an interoperable DeFi future

Advanced Blockchain AG’s investment team prides itself in backing the most promising early-stage companies in the blockchain and Web3 space. As part of our investment thesis, we make sure to finance companies that will not only provide the best return for our investment but ensure that they fit synergistically into our portfolio of companies that are housed within the broader Advanced Blockchain ecosystem.

Deploying Capital to Combat the lack of Interoperability in Blockchain

In the past year, our investments and our incubation projects have been heavily focused on supporting protocols that aim to solve the problematic state of a siloed blockchain environment. We have invested time, effort, and capital towards developing, supporting and deploying solutions that align with our vision for an interoperable blockchain future. Such an environment should allow for seamless communication across layers and chains, an agnostic framework that eliminates the current inabilities of the multi-chain ecosystem.

Polymer Labs, an Advanced Blockchain portfolio company, is a DeFi infrastructure DAO. Polymer is on a mission to bring together like-minded individuals, projects, and builders to accelerate cross-chain dApp development and interoperability to support the expansion of DeFi across all chains. Our investment in Polymer Labs is a prime example of our investment thesis, as the protocol’s mission aligns with our vision for blockchain interoperability. Polymer Labs has a very promising business model and is already raising their next financing round at a significant increase in valuation.

While there are genuinely few companies looking to solve DeFi interoperability in some capacity, Advanced Blockchain maintains a strong conviction that Polymer will be a critical component to achieving the cross-chain future for DeFi.

Richard Malone, who led Advanced Blockchain’s investment in Polymer, commented:

Polymerase, Polymer’s cross-chain data plane, will solve the problems inherent in asynchronous cross-chain communication. These otherwise disparate ecosystems will seamlessly be tied together to promulgate the future of decentralized application deployment: Multi-chain Native Dapps. In addition, AB is very excited about recent developments in the Cosmos ecosystem and envision Polymerase scaling IBC across multiple chains. After speaking with many founding teams, we haven’t found many as balanced and talented as Bo, Peter, and Alexander.

Identifying Portfolio Company Synergies to Expedite Innovation

Advanced Blockchain supports portfolio companies through all stages of their life cycle and that includes doing what we can to help the teams we back succeed in their mission. We believe that an environment that promotes open and diverse collaboration leads to an extraordinary level of creativity and innovation that unlocks brand new potential and use cases.

Polymer has many synergies with other Advanced Blockchain portfolio companies, most prominently Composable Finance.  Through Advanced Blockchain, Composable Finance and Polymer have begun conversations about the potential of future joint efforts. We have already started engaging in joint research and are laying the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration that we expect to result in deeply integratable innovation for the respective companies and their ecosystems.

Composable Finance CTO, Karel Kubat, stated the following:

Many components within the DeFi ecosystem currently rely on trusted actors, such as keepers and relayers: an Achilles heel for the sector. Polymer and Composable collaborate on building a framework for peer-to-peer, threshold signature sharing applications, setting a new architectural standard and solving this issue. Together we are building truly cutting-edge technologies for the wider ecosystem.

We are excited to see the collaboration between Polymer Labs and Composable Finance growing into a formidable one and how their efforts will continue to shape the future of an interoperable blockchain environment.

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