Advanced Blockchain Receives 7,000,000 Instrumental (STRM) Tokens for Collaboration with Instrumental Finance and Composable Labs

Advanced Blockchain Receives 7,000,000 Instrumental (STRM) Tokens for Collaboration with Instrumental Finance and Composable Labs

Advanced Blockchain AG has collaborated with Instrumental Finance and Composable Labs to develop and refine technology for the Instrumental Finance platform. As a result of this engagement, through its subsidiary, Advanced Blockchain has been delegated 7,000,000 of the native tokens of Instrumental Finance, Instrumental Tokens (STRM).

Advanced Blockchain believes strongly in the mission of Instrumental Finance, and believes it is positioned for success within the decentralized finance industry.

Instrumental Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that provides enhanced opportunities for users to maximize their earnings for providing liquidity to exchanges in this space. Advanced Blockchain believes that this platform is well-positioned for success in the DeFi industry; Instrumental solves critical issues restricting the interoperability of DeFi, a pressing problem area that many other projects Advanced Blockchain supports are also addressing. Given that Instrumental addresses such important limitations, Advanced Blockchain believes that the delegated Instrumental Tokens will be a positive addition to its subsidiaries’ existing token portfolios.

Advanced Blockchain has been providing incubation services to Instrumental to help this protocol reach its full potential.

These Instrumental Tokens allocated to Advanced Blockchain’s subsidiary were distributed out of Instrumental Finance’s own team allocation of tokens; this is representative of the close working relationship between the Advanced Blockchain and Instrumental Finance Teams. These groups will continue to work together in the future, with Advanced Blockchain developing additional strategies for this DeFi protocol.

Advanced Blockchain has already provided a range of services to Instrumental Finance, in particular in technology and organizational development. Advanced Blockchain has capitalized upon its broad experience in blockchain-based enterprise, along with its extensive team and tools at its disposal, to provide this assistance.

In collaboration with DeFi technology testing laboratory Composable Labs, Advanced Blockchain will continue to support Instrumental Finance by providing its incubation services, furthering this fruitful partnership. These services will include additional assistance in technology and development, help with product launches, and other technical and operational support as needed.

More about Instrumental Finance:

Providing liquidity is an important function in the DeFi space; it allows transactions of digital assets like cryptocurrencies to quickly and easily be exchanged, while also providing the liquidity provider with earnings. However, there are many blockchains (and even different layers of blockchains) in DeFi, making it difficult for users to maximize their earnings from providing liquidity across all of these different, siloed platforms. Instrumental Finance leverages the interoperable infrastructure technology from Composable Finance to resolve this issue, providing liquidity providing position management tools to enable users to maximize earnings across various blockchains and layers.

More about Composable Labs:

Composable Labs is the incubation and testing arm for projects using the technology from Composable Finance. Composable Finance itself is a blockchain organization looking to make the DeFi ecosystem more unified, therefore streamlining the user experience and providing greater capital efficiency. This organization has developed novel technology that allows them to unite the currently disjointed blockchains and layers in DeFi, opening up an array of new use cases. More details about Composable Labs can be found here.

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