Advanced Blockchain Participates in "Next Top Blockchain Startup" Global Hackathon, Leading Polkadot Track as Jury Board Member

Advanced Blockchain Participates in "Next Top Blockchain Startup" Global Hackathon, Leading Polkadot Track as Jury Board Member

Advanced Blockchain is eager to be working with prominent investors in the blockchain space to participate in this worldwide competition, additionally acting as a lead jury member to identify the most promising startups in the Polkadot and broader blockchain space.

Advanced Blockchain AG is participating in and co-hosting the “Next Top Blockchain Startup” hackathon competition. Our organization will be joined by Global Digital Assets (GDA) Capital, Chainlink, Polygon, and other prominent investors in the blockchain industry.

This contest aims to identify and grow impactful blockchain-based startups.

The Next Top Blockchain Startup is an online competition and incubation program helping spotlight and accelerate the next wave of blockchain entrepreneurs. This hackathon prioritizes community initiatives and grassroots projects, helping to support promising projects generated by the community. Through this event, Advanced Blockchain and GDA Capital unite to bring top minds, community leaders, and companies in the industry together over the shared goal of empowering young founders and developing cutting-edge decentralized technology.

Advanced Blockchain will take a leadership role in this competition.

As one of the main sponsors of the event, Advanced Blockchain will be a jury board member. Our organization will specifically lead the selection of the next top blockchain startup in the Polkadot track of the competition, as we have ample experience working with projects leveraging Polkadot, and were an early investor into this blockchain network. Participating teams will receive individual coaching as well as a panel opportunity during the summer with Simon Telian acting as the company’s representative. Telian, who is Group Chief Investment Officer of Advanced Blockchain AG and Chief Executive Officer of, has extensive experience in European venture capital and aims to identify new investment opportunities outside of the Company’s core market in Europe.

“Having met GDA Capital earlier this year in Stockholm, it was clear to me that we have to collaborate on this unique event with them, as it will give Advanced Blockchain a first-mover advantage when sourcing and funding young talent in this space. At the same time, Advanced Blockchain will likely be able to leverage their businesses as we aim to acquire our own Parachain through one of our portfolio companies soon” says Telian.

More about GDA Group and GDA Capital:

GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group of Companies, an investment organization that focuses on financial technology, blockchain, digital assets, and other innovative technologies. The GDA team has extensive experience executing projects for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and digital asset offerings, from the venture incubation phase to liquidity

GDA Capital was established with the mission of connecting institutional capital markets with disruptive technology organizations. This group provides digital asset companies with access to growth capital as well as advisory services on digital asset transactions. GDA’s investments also have access to their broad network of capital partners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs with deep industry experience. GDA Capital has worked with significant blockchain-based projects, helping them obtain the institutional capital they needed to continue to develop and grow.

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