Advanced Blockchain Ecosystem Update September

With the conclusion of September 2022, we are pleased to detail the many events of note that have taken place across the Advanced Blockchain ecosystem, including our portfolio companies. Here is all you need to know about these happenings:

Advanced Blockchain

Personnel Changes: Leaner Organization

Since August 2022, Advanced Blockchain has been streamlining operations, leading to further personnel changes in September. We thank everyone for their service and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

“I am proud of my time at Advanced Blockchain, laden with several professional and personal achievements. Advanced Blockchain has grown from strength to strength in the past few years and I am certain that the company will continue to flourish under new leadership, led ably by Simon Telian. I will continue to serve Advanced Blockchain in an advisory capacity and wish the company continued success.”, says Micheal Geike, Former CEO of Advanced Blockchain

Panoptic Team Spin-Out Process

To ensure our stance of transparency, currently, the project is in the process of fundraising and close to being spun out from the company. We will deliver further updates on the status of Panoptic as and when they are made available. 

Half Year Annual Accounts

Advanced Blockchain released their half-yearly numbers group wide.

The Future of DeFi x Our Strategy

We believe that there will be a significant change in the blockchain and Web3 sphere in the next 5 years, with a particular focus on the following areas:

  • Business and Economy Transformation
  • Leading Global Payments
  • Global Supply Chain Leader
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • Blockchain Identities
  • Gaming Takeover

Calls for greater regulation, security, simplicity, composability, scalability, and application have been heard – it is now time to act upon these calls and build toward the future of the blockchain industry. Worthy projects/ideas that cater to the above areas of interest are likely to be a part of our investment strategy going forward.

Additionally, projects/ideas that intertwine with the offerings of current portfolio companies within the Advanced Blockchain ecosystem are a definite value add as well. Feel free to contact us at your earliest with your projects/ideas.

Portfolio Company Services

The company will soon make available its services to our portfolio companies, with service pricing currently being discussed internally. Two such inbound opportunities are already underway, with management consultancy being provided to Peaq Network and design efforts being provided to Component Finance. Feel free to contact Christopher Kraft, Head of AB.Labs, if you would like to discuss collaboration possibilities with the company.

Validator Node Update

Tgrade Finance

Our Tgrade validator node completed one full month of operation in August 2022, without any hiccups, and upgraded to v2 in September. Advanced Blockchain generated a profit in August from the validator node, with an additional token ROI of 1.78% in the same time frame. We project an annual token ROI of ~21%.

Incubations & Investments

Composable Finance

At Cosmosverse in September 2022, Composable Finance successfully displayed a functional XCVM demo and developer interface, composing functionality across multiple chains, executed from a single location, along with associated tooling. This began the fruition of Composable’s vision for XCVM. Earlier in September, Composable announced the realignment of their vision for Mosaic. Composable also released its 12th bi-weekly Dev Log edition, detailing significant development updates.

Element Finance

The aLUSD, alUSD3CRV, crv3crypto, DAI, USDC, and stETH, 6-month terms at Element Finance expired in September 2022. Element published a rollover guide to help its users learn how to redeem and roll over their liquidity to a different term or asset currently on the platform. Element also matched funds for the Advocacy Round of the Gitcoin Grants Round 15, in support of public goods on Ethereum.


In September 2022, Arweave launched, the new homepage for the permaweb, serving as a “decentralized Reddit'', with upvotes getting rewards, and every content piece having a futures market built-in. Arweave launched as well – a “decentralized Imgur”, with rewards when people like your posts. Arweave also conducted a STAMP Contest, with several notable blog and image entries.

Alluo Finance

Alluo Finance kickstarted its partnership with Multifarm Finance in September 2022, with Alluo’s farms fully integrated into the Multifarm yield explorer. Earlier in September, the core team at Alluo published a proposal for evolution in their tokenomics.

Quasar Finance

In September 2022, Quasar Finance completed its smart contract audit with Halborn Security. Quasar also held its first-ever Community Call, entailing August updates and Q&A with the core team.


In September 2022, Contango was busy spreading project awareness and held AMAs with several like-minded DeFi protocols, including Perpetual Protocol, Alpha Ventures DAO, and Swivel Finance. Contango also launched a podcast, featuring SolStreet Finance as their first guest.

Maverick Protocol

Maverick Protocol launched its third testnet in September 2022 and trading on the platform has commenced.

Component Finance

No external updates have been published. Please visit the website for more information.

Instrumental Finance

The Instrumental Finance team has been busy creating awareness about the project on Twitter during September 2022, including the possibilities made available by its architecture not only in the Composable Finance ecosystem, but compatible cross-chain DeFi. To this end, Instrumental released its first-ever Dev Log.


No external updates have been published. Please visit the website for more information.

Neon Labs

Through Neon Labs’ groundbreaking technology, as of September 2022, Neon EVM will provide Ethereum dApps access to Solana’s capabilities, without having to rewrite code. Developers can simply port audited Solidity and Vyper smart contracts to Solana via Neon EVM.

Peaq Network

In September 2022, Peaq Network joined the moveID Gaia-X consortium, a €20M+ project dedicated to building the decentralized digital identity infrastructure for European mobility, along with other organizations, including Bosch, Airbus, DENSO Auto Parts, and Continental Tire.

Obol Network

At DappCon Berlin in September 2022, Obol Network organized a workshop for dApp developers, teaching them how to create a distributed validator cluster for staking on Ethereum. Obol conducted a similar workshop at the ETHBerlin hackathon. The Obol team conducted significant outreach during September as well, joining the Nethereming YouTube live stream, among other events.

Manta Network

In September 2022, Manta Network unveiled p0xeidon labs, the team focused on building Manta Network and Manta’s canary network, Calamari Network. Manta was also present at ETHBerlin and demoed MantaPay.

Pendulum Chain

Pendulum Chain’s, canary network, Amplitude Chain’s airdrop campaign concluded in September 2022. 12,500 $AMPE tokens were distributed. The first referendum on Amplitude was accepted in September and is currently queued in anticipation of enactment. A flagship dApp on Pendulum, Spacewalk, is nearing completion.

Fractal Protocol

In September 2022, Fractal Protocol published a fascinating article detailing decentralized identity use cases, including fair airdrops and protecting crypto platforms from potentially harmful bots. Fractal conducted an AMA, led by its co-founder, Julio Santos, on the same topic. Fractal also joined forces with Astarter to establish grounds for transparent, safe, and fair project launches on Cardano.


Refer to the Panoptic Team Spin-Out Process section for updates.


FINPRO’s first project, by Tobias Rehberger – “Fairytales & Conspiracies“ – was launched in September 2022. The NFT project consists of 5 liquid posters, comprising 3,750 NFTs. A vernissage was host to the first viewing of the liquid posters at TechQuartier, Frankfurt.


No external updates have been published. Please visit the website for more information.

Stela Labs

Stela Labs will cover the audit of Contango. Furthermore, Stela Labs is performing internal audits and providing security support for Advanced Blockchain's portfolio companies.

Sigmadex (SDEX)

In September 2022, Sigmadex (SDEX) implemented SigmaFi and Sigmadex website updates. Along with accomplishing significant development updates, Sigmadex published a roadmap detailing monthly milestones till the end of the year.

Sentinel dVPN

In late September 2022, Prop 13 (a proposal by members of the community, developers, validators, angel investors, and the Sentinel dVPN team) was signaled and if passed, will lead to several updates to the Sentinel Hub software. This includes CosmWasm integration, a new tokenomics model, implementation of staking contracts, etc.

zCloak Network

As of September 2022, zCloak Network is verified on Link3. zCloak announced a partnership with MoleDAO as well.

Apricot Finance

Kana Labs announced the integration of Apricot Finance into its lending aggregation solution in September 2022.


Talisman launched a ‘Summoning’ campaign for the entirety of September 2022. If a user invites another to join Talisman and funds their wallet with $20 or more, both users will receive 1 $DOT each. They will also be eligible to participate in the weekly draw for a prize of $100 worth of $DOT. It is now possible to send ERC-20 tokens from Talisman to networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Astar Network, Moonbeam Network, etc.

Polymer Labs

Polymer Labs kickstarted the first of a series of articles, with an introduction to Polymer Labs, Cosmos, and IBC.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol’s NEARCON 2022 event from September 12-14th, with 2,000+ attendees, was a success. Numerous prominent speakers participated in the event. As announced during the event, NearPay launched a physical debit card. NEAR released statistics signaling significant growth between September 2021 and September 2022, with 18M+ accounts, 1,250+ developers, 700+ projects, and $550M in TVL added to the ecosystem in this period.


In September 2022, MOXY launched the Forge P2E API stack, enabling developers to easily create a P2E revenue stream in their games, with maximum flexibility. MOXY also launched an art contest, with several commendable entries. Chico Crypto covered the MOXY platform on his YouTube channel.


Fragcolor has not released any updates in September 2022.

Forest Park Group

Forest Park Group has not released any updates in September 2022.

MYSO Finance

Early in September 2022, MYSO Finance wrote a collaborative piece with Risk DAO, diving into the concept of bad debt and how to tackle it in DeFi.

Backd (now Mero Finance)

As of September 2022, Mero Finance is on DeBank. Unstoppable Domains unlocked reactive liquidity through a collaboration with Mero.

Warp Finance

Warp Finance updated its roadmap in September 2022 and introduced several short-term features to complement its long-term vision. New isolated lending pairs have been added to the Warp v2 Beta platform and work is ongoing to implement the Chisel and veWARP functionalities, with a Chisel audit looming. Warp published two editions of the new, biweekly $warp magazine, which was well received by the community. The Warp team also conducted an AMA with Decentralized ETF.

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Thank you for reading!

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