Advanced Blockchain Ecosystem Update January 2023

Advanced Blockchain Ecosystem Update Jan 2023

Dear Investors,

As we kick off 2023, we are proud to present our ecosystem update for January 2023. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current developments and progress within the Advanced Blockchain ecosystem.

With this monthly update, you can stay informed about the recent events in our incubations, investments, and other key events in the Advanced Blockchain ecosystem. Our aim is to keep you posted about the growth and advancement of the company and its initiatives, so you can make informed investment decisions.

We believe that staying up to date with our ecosystem is critical to maximizing the value of your investment. We're committed to providing you with transparent and valuable information, and we hope that this update will help you better understand our ecosystem and its growth potential.

Internal Updates within Advanced Blockchain:

Results Share-Buyback Program:

Advanced Blockchain AG's share buyback offer ended with 293,156 shares tendered, only partially using the volume offered. The shares will be bought at a price of EUR 3.10 each and will be held in the company's portfolio for the long term.CEO Simon Telian believes that the buyback offer has increased the company's value due to the company's portfolio and positive market developments.

External Updates

Composable Finance

Composable Finance has been awarded a grant from the NEAR Foundation. This grant will facilitate and incentivize the integration of Centauri with the NEAR Protocol through Cosmos, accelerating its adoption. Furthermore, Pablo is getting a makeover with new UI improvements and additional staking options for $PICA.

peaq Network

Starting 2023 on a strong note, BloXmove has formed a valuable partnership with peaq network. The collaboration is based on the shared belief that collaboration is essential and at the core of their values. The partnership will result in BloXmove and the peaq network working together as the layer-2 platform for dApps in mobility and energy domains on the peaq network.

Element Finance

Element Finance created a new solution for launching a DAO is now available, making the process easier than ever before. Together with Council they developed a comprehensive, full-stack governance system that allows anyone to start from scratch and easily manage a DAO.


Panoptic and Simtopia are excited to announce a new research partnership to improve platform risk management and maximize returns for Panoptic LP.

Furthermore, Panoptic launched its own Research Division.


Arweave has launched a new and improved website for easier access to building on and using the Arweave protocol. The first episode of Permaweb Pioneers for 2023 is now available and features Arweave's founder, Sam Williams. The episode can be listened to on Permaweb at

Quasar Finance

Quasar Finance has successfully raised $5,432,100 USD to further its interchain DeFi efforts. The company has also announced the launch date for its public testnet and revealed a new website.

MYSO Finance

A new gOHM/DAI pool is being introduced. This new pool will give gOHM holders the ability to achieve leveraged exposure to their gOHM holdings with no risk of liquidation. For lenders, the pool offers the potential to earn extra yield on their DAI holdings. This makes the pool an appealing option for the OlympusDAO treasury, allowing them to put their funds to use while also boosting the utility of the gOHM token.


In January, two of Mero's pools held the position for the highest base APY on the Ethereum network. Stay updated on the latest news and performance of Mero pools.


The beta version is now available on Ethereum! Contango provides 4x more liquidity compared to Arbitrum, a 2x higher trading cap, a minimum size requirement of around 3.6 ETH for long positions, instruments available as of March 23rd with June pairs to come, and new FRAX pairs are now available.


In January, Maverick gathered extensive feedback from the community and is now implementing the requested improvements. Additionally, the company has published detailed product guides, including an explanation of liquidity provision, which can be found at

Neon Labs

Neon announced its support for Etherspot, a multi-chain smart contract platform. This integration will provide benefits to the Developers, also referenced as Neon Builders in account abstraction, transaction batching, multi-call, meta-transactions, and cross-chain liquidity across 14 EVMs.


A new launch of two important initiatives has been made for the community. The first initiative is the Bia Testnet, which is the second testnet that aims to stress test DVT with over 5,000 validators globally. The second initiative is the Ambassador Program, which aims to increase contributions to the mission on a larger scale.


Manta V3 Testnet is live, enabling the launch of new privacy-increasing features to increase chain privacy. The recent launch of Testnet v3 introduces a new asset-bridging feature across XCM, allowing users to bring in assets from various Substrate ecosystems such as Kusama, Karura, and Moonriver.


Light is sponsoring the Solana Sandstorm's DeFi Grand Prize along with Solana Foundation. The prize will be awarded to the best open-source project that utilizes Solana's unique features and capabilities.

Alluo Finance

Alluo is addressing the challenge of creating a user-friendly DeFi interface for a wide range of users and developing a protocol that ensures the security of users' funds by not storing their keys. Additionally, they offer a 7% yield on all deposits.

​​Pendulum Chain

Pendulum Chain made a significant impact in the Polkadot ecosystem by successfully completing its parachain crowdloan, reaching its hard cap of 300,000 $DOT within just three minutes. This achievement, particularly in a bear market, highlights the unique nature of the Pendulum Chain project.

Fractal Protocol

The fifth distribution of KYC incentives has been successfully launched. Fractal is actively working on expanding its team through hiring efforts. They have also assisted users who encountered issues unlocking their tokens and getting stuck during bridge swaps. The company is also in the process of developing a new system architecture and roadmap for 2023.


A new wallet release has just been made available with improved features. This release includes advanced settings for EVM networks, the ability to export private keys for Ethereum accounts, better balance support with support for more assets and new icons, and numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes.

NEAR Protocol

The Rainbow Bridge is pushing the limits of innovation in permissionless bridging by offering the quickest speeds possible within the Ethereum network. It is now in private beta testing, and participants can join if they want to.

Warp Finance

Warp Finance has made a significant move by officially separating from the Advanced Blockchain AG incubator as remaining an independent project. This change brings both new opportunities and challenges. However, the team is confident that the benefits will outweigh any difficulties that may arise.

Sentinel dVPN

Sentinel released an overview of a recent development in the #dVPN industry is presented in this publication, which highlights the shift from the conventional "pay per GB" model to a "subscription-based" payment system. Furthermore, the article also explores the possibility of reviving and monetizing "free dVPN" applications.

Companies without major releases that kept building and engaging in the space :

Mekatek - Please visit the website for more information.

Moxy - Please visit the website for more information.

FinPro - Please visit the website for more information.

Instrumental - Please visit the website for more information.

Trace Bloc - Please visit the website for more information.

Stela Labs - Please visit the website for more information.

Fragnova - Please visit the website for more information.

Forest Park Group - Please visit the website for more information.

Polymer Labs - Please visit the website for more information.

Angular - Please visit the website for more information.

Tgrade - Please visit the website for more information.

Sigmadex - Please visit the website for more information.

zCloak Network - Please visit the website for more information.

Apricot Finance - Please visit the website for more information.

Thank you for your continued support and investment in Advanced Blockchain. We look forward to sharing our future updates with you.