Advanced Blockchain Ecosystem Update December 2022

With the conclusion of December 2022, we are pleased to publish our last ecosystem update of 2022. Once again, we will elaborate on recent events within Advanced Blockchain, our incubations, and investments.In 2023 we will publish our Ecosystem Update on the first Monday of every month. 

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Internal Updates within Advanced Blockchain: 

Recap 2022: 

In December we spent some time reflecting on the developments of Advanced Blockchain during the last year, the macroeconomic influences, and the current sentiment within the blockchain space. If you are interested in our highlights of 2022 and a strategic outlook for 2023, we recommend reading the end-of-the-year letter on our website addressed to our loyal shareholders.

Successful Restructuring of Processes 

As communicated in our last update, the company's internal restructuring is almost fulfilled, resulting in a significantly lowered burn rate and improved operational efficiency. Advanced Blockchain aims to use the additional liquidity to make further investments in Q1 2023. Therefore we are currently investigating pitch decks for potential new investments or incubations.

If you have a business idea which will disrupt and innovate the space we are looking forward to hearing from you. You can send your pitch deck to the following email address and you will hear back from us soon: .

External Updates

Composable Finance

After over one year of development, Composable launched its long-awaited picasso network and $PICA token, and the Pablo application, to trade the token and provide liquidity. Furthermore, they are renewing their bug bounty program with the leading platform Immunefi to protect user funds. Composable also published its predictions for 2023

Peaq Network

DotsamaTV launched a 2-minute explainer video on how peaq operates and its possibilities for decentralized applications - e.g a Web3 Uber. Peaq also newly launched its krest carnary network- the world's first Economy Of Things simulation network that will run on Polkadots canary network. 

Element Finance

Element Finance researchers and hackers have conceptualized a new AMM - "Hyperdrive," that will be launched in 2023, among other new features 


Panoptic announced the successful closing of a 4,5 Million Seed Round. Additionally, ecosystem partnerships with VectorDAo for design and ABDK consulting for smart contract audits have been announced. 


Two new pools since Arweave’s Alex poolathon went live and over 5000 projects now use the Arweave Library. The Team also published its recent audit reports.

Quasar Finance

Quasar has been featured in Nasdaq, elaborating if Institutions are Web3 ready and discussing native asset management and Quasar was nominated in the category Europes Blockchain Startup of the Year for the EBC Blockchain Awards in February 2023.

MYSO Finance

Myso is currently running stress tests of the platform to prepare for its Mainnet launch in Q1 2023


Mero launched in mid of December a debt repayment and collateral top-ups feature to enable provided liquidity to react more adapted to user-defined conditions. Additionally Mero reached over 1 Million TVL.


Contango launched DeFis' first expirable trading platform - the launch was highly anticipated, as Contango aims to bring rates into equilibrium. The code is still unaudited, and users can test expirable trading with three different pairs on Contango with up to 11x leverage. The team openly requested users to provide feedback via the Contango discord and capped the possible debt to ten thousand dollars to minimize the risk for users. The platform also enabled dynamic routes of spot market trades via the most cost-effective Uniswap pool for a given trade size.


Users provided the team with over 10.000 ideas on how to improve the platform - therefore, the team is currently mainly occupied with improving UI and UX to increase the user-friendliness of the platform

Neon Labs

The Neon team announced that its EVM Mainnet launch was postponed due to the filing process involving third parties, which caused a bottleneck. Also Neon announced a partnership with Poolz Finance to help early-stage investors access the best features of the Ethereum and Solana blockchain ecosystems simultaneously.


At the beginning of December, Obol launched its Distributed Validator Launchpad to set the foundation for the next generation of Ethereum staking. Obol partnered with Lido in Lido's Ethereum validator sets to present its pilot DVT integration.


Manta V3 Testnet is live, enabling the launch of new privacy-increasing features to increase chain privacy.


Light Protocol announced a new partnership with yami_lab, using the latest privacy-preserving technology. The collaboration will debut a Fade Mint for selected individuals to mint their Nomads NFT privately without exposing their identity. Later in December, over 100 people "minted privately" with identity-protecting wallets provided by Fade.

Alluo Finance

Alluo partnered with a well-established host of decentralized domains, Unstoppable Web, so users can connect to the platform and send assets with their unstoppable domains. Furthermore, Alluo keeps educating its follower base about essential DeFi knowledge to give beginners more context on how they benefit from their feature range. 


Mekatek provided an in-depth analysis showcasing its detailed research around the execution quality in Osmosis, helping the ecosystem to understand potential security breaches and lay the foundation for increased execution quality in the future. 

​​Pendulum Chain

Pendulum published the awaited tokenomics for its $PEN Token. During December, the loyal supporter base helped Pendulum win the 35th slot of the Polkadot parachain auction to bring the team closer to linking Fiat with DeFi.

Fractal Protocol

Fractal announced that their FCL Staking Program launched mid of December on Sushi Swap. A total of 21K FCL tokens - around 32k USD - will be allocated to the community during the next three months to maximize FCL rewards.


Talisman now supports uploading different Metamask Accounts into the App so that users can see all balances in one place. Also, the team released a feature for users to view past transaction history on the Talisman web app.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR published a detailed update thread, showcasing that they reached major milestones like 1 Million Followers on Twitter, surpassing 250 Million transactions, and much more. You can find the full thread under this link.


Moxy opened pre-registrations for the Moxy Club. They are currently offering the first 10.000 members an exclusive NFT.  Furthermore, all members got introduced on Twitter to the Moxy community. 

Warp Finance

Warp team published the 6th version of the warp magazine, giving readers an outlook on future development activities to be revealed early in 2023. Furthermore, a potential stablecoin support use case has been elaborated.

Sentinel dVPN

The new dVPN Hub upgrade proposal will be implemented soon to allow for the functioning of smart contracts and enable the token revenue sharing system (work token).

Companies without major releases that kept building and engaging in the space :

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