Advanced Blockchain announces the appointment of Robin Davids as Chief Strategy Officer

Advanced Blockchain announces the appointment of Robin Davids as Chief Strategy Officer

Advanced Blockchain welcomes Robin Davids to the management board as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). As CSO, Robin leads our strategic and sustainable positioning for all of our verticals. Robin Davids brings a wealth of experience as an early advocate, investor, and strategist in the decentralized finance ecosystems and more expansive blockchain space. He has served as an advisor for various projects helping them birth, scale, and exit by strategically positioning them for the utmost success.

Supporting the AB Vision

In light of our rapid expansion and ambitious growth plans, Robin will help consolidate all of our high impact areas across this broader pioneering ecosystem which spans all of our verticals including research, venture building, and investments. He will work with the rest of our management team to ensure the mission of Advanced Blockchain, to upgrade and evolve the blockchain space, is actualized. Additionally, Robin will lead the charge of AB. Labs, working collaboratively alongside the other verticals of the business to push forth new projects and create opportunities in the broader ecosystem. A builder and researcher by training, Robin is well-equipped to navigate the technical, theoretical, and practical components of launching projects in this space.

Furthermore, Robin will oversee the crafting of plans that synergized the strategies across our departments and integrated our innovative approach to all our internal processes. Robin will continue to lead the strategy in uniquely positioning Advanced Blockchain to attract more business propositions and support group-wide operations. Robin will steer the updated vision which will continue to position AB as a pioneer in the blockchain space.

Davids commented:

“I am honored to be part of this groundbreaking team that, since its inception, has powered some of the most transformative blockchain projects and continues to bridge the gap between traditional business, traditional shareholders, and this emerging space. The blockchain space is already on course to transform modes of operation and business in the future. The global portfolio of Advanced Blockchain, both incubation and investments, has spanned to accommodate the diversity to lead this innovative change. It is my honor to serve the team that is now made up of over 200 plus seasoned professionals and talented experts and, more importantly, to serve and nurture the investments and incubations to ensure they have a high impact and will be as profitable as possible. Personally, as a German entrepreneur who was one of the early adopters of some of the most notable blockchain projects, I am proud to work for Advanced Blockchain, with its Headquarters in Berlin, to open up greater exposure of the commitment of our company to builders and investors while further educating and unlocking the untapped potential that this technology and market can offer."

About Robin Davids

As Chief Strategy Officer, Robin leads our strategic and sustainable positioning for all of our verticals. Robin’s specialty lies in analyzing and optimizing the game-theoretic components for aspiring decentralized protocols. Robin acquired his first $ETH in 2015 before becoming completely enthralled with the industry's potential and entering the space full-time while still at University. He went on to co-found a consulting firm focusing on strategy, network design, and content creation. Robin has been instrumental in the token incentive design for several projects, including Ferrum Network, Tellor, Warp, and Ultra. Robin is actively involved in the open-source movement, dedicating time to helping crypto advocates and entrepreneurs as a KERNEL fellow at Gitcoin. Robin represents ABAG in various portfolio companies, most recently joining the governance steering committee at Element Finance (which recently closed its Series A round valued at $320 million).

About Advanced Blockchain AG

Advanced Blockchain is a leading venture builder and investor in the blockchain industry with an extensive team of analysts, developers, programmers, economists, mathematicians, and marketers dedicated to developing the future of Web 3.0. The team consists of over 200 members worldwide working on more than 23 different next generation DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and Web 3.0 projects.

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