Advanced Blockchain AG’s portfolio company is releasing its WarpV2 update

Advanced Blockchain AG’s portfolio company is releasing its WarpV2 update

Advanced Blockchain AG’s portfolio company, Warp Finance, is preparing to release its V2 update to further service DeFi users with novel solutions in unlocking capital efficiency. Warp’s efforts are being rigorously supported by the Advanced Blockchain team and ecosystem. It is important to note that through our incubation efforts, projects such as Warp have been able to cross-integrate and collaborate with other portfolio companies. We believe that Warp Finance holds significant importance for the future of DeFi and will enable users to participate in high APY opportunities making this a very attractive protocol for enthusiasts and investors.

In 2020, Warp paved the way for a new generation of DeFi by being the first to allow Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to be used as collateral for lending. This innovation truly changed the landscape of DeFi and the method quickly found market validation as shown by the vast amount of similar recreations of the idea. Warp now is an open finance platform that continues to provide its users with novel streams of yield as they spearhead the path of extending the capabilities of DeFi lending.

Warp V2 will bring about a new generation of Warp enabled DeFi lending opportunities and our teams are in the process of further developing to expand the overall utility and value that Warp offers to its users, partners, and investors. As noted above, Advanced Blockchain identifies synergies and strategically deploys strategies between our portfolio companies. As a result of our efforts, the introduction of Warp V2 will initially launch with the feature of supporting the utilization of tokens from Element Finance. Advanced Blockchain was one of the largest investors in Element Finance’s Series A funding round that was led by a16z (Andreessen Horowitz) and Polychain Capital.

The introduction of Isolated Lending Pairs is one of Warp V2s flagship features that will play an instrumental role in enabling users to participate in niche assets with isolated risk. This feature will not only unlock assets that are currently not serviced by other lending protocols but through the integration with Element Finance’s token splitting technology, it further unlocks significant yield-bearing potential in a risk-isolated manner with the additional benefit of leveraging APY.

As the release of Warp V2 edges near, we are excited to see how the community and users react to the protocols’ introduction of Isolated Lending Pairs. We are also looking forward to seeing the synergies between Warp and Element Finance sprout into a mutually beneficial growth effect for their respective ecosystems and solutions.

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