Advanced Blockchain AG’s plans for A Next-Generation Blockchain and Fintech Innovation Venture Capital Fund

Advanced Blockchain AG’s plans for A Next-Generation Blockchain and Fintech Innovation Venture Capital Fund was founded in 2017, with a deep passion for picking up where bitcoin creator (alias Satoshi Nakamoto) left off; the company believes that decentralization and more open, transparent, and participatory financial systems are the key to unlocking the next wave of Web 3.0-based innovation.

The team is made up of investors, product builders, and technology experts from and Advanced Blockchain AG,’s publicly listed parent company.

Advanced Blockchain AG is presently expanding their focus, seeking to be an active contributor to the novel and impactful use of blockchain in global society. Under this parent company,’s renewed purpose is to provide capital and resources to ventures interested in enhancing this very vision. Specifically, will act as a venture capital and venture building vehicle for companies innovating new products, primarily in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere. will provide its ventures with all of the resources they need to succeed, which, dependent upon specific venture circumstances, may include:

  • Capital
  • Product and market positioning advice
  • Niche delineation
  • Business development
  • Access to our global mentor network
  • Participation in workshops with a rotating cast of Experts in Residence
  • Assistance with company vision
  • Strategy
  • Legal assistance
  • Press
  • Potential introductions to clients/investors  

We will select our investments according to a strict criteria, using our industry experience and expertise to determine which projects fulfill a new niche, have a large market opportunity, and have any other characteristics needed for success. The management team of has been interested in investing in token protocols for quite some time. The company has previously done this successfully, with our investments in COTI, Polkadot, and EWT being successful.

With DeFi continuing to be a space of interest to us, we have put together a thesis for guiding our interest venture capital and venture building projects:

  • DeFi applications mainly built on Ethereum
  • Strong teams
  • Strong decentralized application developer community & project’s general community

Advanced Blockchain and envision a world where blockchain is widely used in the financial industry, providing all parties with lower costs, faster transaction/settlement times, more transparency, increased security, and a plethora of other benefits.