Advanced Blockchain AG's EOY Shareholders Letter

Advanced Blockchain AG's EOY Shareholders Letter

Dear investors of Advanced Blockchain AG,

What better way to reflect on the year than from 3100 metres above the Swiss Alps. Both of us – Michael and Simon – are reflecting on the end of the year by spending the last few days of this monumental year pushing our bodies and minds one more time to its limits.

None of us could have predicted at the beginning of this year that Advanced Blockchain and its group of companies would grow in 2021 to over 100 employees and counting. These new team members span all areas of Advanced Blockchain, including new Project Managers taken on to help us manage our incubated startups, new economics/mathematics specialists to complete analysis/estimates/calculations to power these projects, new developers to help bring these projects to fruition, and new marketing/content individuals who allow us to spread the word on the many impactful solutions these incubated projects are developing.

This last shareholders letter of the year is the most challenging to write but we feel that we lack behind when it comes to transparency towards our shareholders and future investors. As such, we want to make the first resolution statement for 2022: Strengthen the communication with all our stakeholders.

This upcoming year, Advanced Blockchain AG will enter its 4th operating year as a publicly listed blockchain venture studio focused on promoting, building and investing in disruptive technologies including investments in tokens. Its main markets are thus the venture capital market for companies active in the blockchain technology space with a special focus on the decentralized finance area and infrastructure projects enabling the web 3.0.

Complementary to supporting other companies looking to create new spin-offs, the Advanced Blockchain Group supports its own spin-off projects and subsidiaries in the blockchain and decentralization industry. By providing this service internally, its own spin-offs receive all of the above benefits of venture building, while eliminating the fees, potential inconsistencies in decision-making and all of the other complexities otherwise associated with contracting a venture building service.

Advanced Blockchain AG and its subsidiaries have a diversified portfolio of tokens and future tokens based on the "Simple Agreement for Future Tokens" ("SAFT") with currently more than 20 projects and incubations. In 2021 alone, the Group has invested more than EUR 5 million in new token projects.

Thus it was a natural and necessary step for us to restructure our management and supervisory board at the beginning of this year, bringing on Simon Telian as additional Managing Director alongside Michael Geike and thus paving the way for continued hypergrowth through the entire Group.

2022 is just around the corner and we continue to promote an interoperable blockchain-powered future by investing into and incubating various promising projects. In the short term, we are excited for the upcoming peaq token launch as well as the highly-anticipated developments behind FinPro’s tokenization platform. Furthermore, the Composable Finance team is currently bidding for a Polkadot-Parachain, having previously successfully secured a Parachain on the Kusama Network and thus being one of today’s hottest DeFi projects - incubated and backed by Advanced Blockchain AG.

With offices and teams located in the Middle East, North America and Europe we continue to scale up our operations globally and want to thank all our investors, partners and supporters for the trust you put in us this year.

We look forward to sharing more comprehensive insights into our strategy, portfolio companies and roadmap over the coming months.

Happy New Year,

Der Vorstand / Management Board - Advanced Blockchain AG