Advanced Blockchain AG Participates in Talisman seed funding round

Advanced Blockchain AG Participates in Talisman seed funding round

Advanced Blockchain AG has made another successful six-figure seed round investment Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project Talisman.

The Polkadot Web3 wallet just publicly announced a $2.35 million seed funding round with capital provided by Advanced Blockchain AG and other prominent investors in the space such as Hypersphere Ventures, Koji Capital, D1 Ventures, Zee Prime Capital, and founders of top Polkadot projects such as Acala, Composable Finance, and Moonbeam.

Talisman ( is a community-owned wallet built for a multi-chain future. It allows users to take control of their crypto assets, leverage novel use cases enabled by Polkadot, and help shape the future of the project via a social layer. Furthermore, there are several obvious synergies with quite a few existing portfolio companies, illustrative of our internal efforts to build and invest into projects that can collaborate and grow together.

Head of Investments of Advanced Blockchain AG, Sebastian Hildermann, states “Currently, there are DeFi ecosystems emerging on multiple blockchains; the industry is clearly moving towards a multi-chain future. We at Advanced Blockchain AG are actively shaping this movement by contributing both capital, technical resources, and expertise to this sector.”

With successful completion of the funding round, the Talisman team announced plans to expand while providing additional features to help users interact with the Polkadot - Kusama paraverse ecosystem. We believe that Talisman is an integral component to the adoption of the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem by enhancing the user experience for participants in DeFi applications.

This investment expands Advanced Blockchain's position in the DeFi sector, helping to build a multi-chain future and actively shaping open-source innovation.

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