Advanced Blockchain AG has Signed a Letter of Intent for a Partnership with P2P Economy Ltd., Amplifying Rewards from the Staking of its Seven-Figure DOT Token Holdings

Advanced Blockchain AG has Signed a Letter of Intent for a Partnership with P2P Economy Ltd., Amplifying Rewards from the Staking of its Seven-Figure DOT Token Holdings

The staking involved in this partnership will allow Advanced Blockchain to gain additional returns on its DOT holdings while maintaining exposure to these tokens. Furthermore, this partnership offers the potential for additional fruitful collaborations between the two organizations relating to their mutual interest and work in the Polkadot blockchain.

Advanced Blockchain AG has partnered with P2P Economy Ltd. (, a technology company specializing in cryptocurrency staking. Both companies have signed a letter of intent (LOI) signifying their commitment to this partnership, which involves P2P Economy Ltd.’s P2P Validator staking our seven-figure DOT token holdings. This will enable Advanced Blockchain AG to maintain its exposure to the DOT token (the native, multi-functional token of the Polkadot platform) while obtaining additional rewards via staking. While Advanced Blockchain AG already had its DOT holdings staked prior to this partnership, P2P Validator’s proprietary staking methodology will enable additional 6-figure yearly earnings.

In addition to this strategic partnership enhancing the efficiency of our staking portfolio, it poses the opportunity for many interesting offshoot projects and collaborations with P2P Economy Ltd., as it is a highly advanced company with interests and efforts in fields similar to those of Advanced Blockchain AG. Jointly, we can now increase our network in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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We have decided to stake our DOT holdings through P2P Economy Ltd.’s P2P validator, helping to improve our portfolio.

The P2P Validator’s advanced non-custodial staking methodology allows them to offer highly accessible and secure strategies with superior annual percentage yield (APY) returns. By working with P2P Validator, Advanced Blockchain AG can receive additional staking rewards. The current estimated APY on DOT tokens staked through the P2P Validator is around 15.8%. With Advanced Blockchain’s 7-figure DOT token holdings, this offers the opportunity for significant reward earnings – 6-figures worth of additional earnings each year compared to prior staking opportunities of our DOT holdings.

The benefit of the staking strategy is that Advanced Blockchain AG will maintain its DOT exposure, additionally compounding this exposure through rewards distributed directly from staking. Thus, Advanced Blockchain is able to maintain its support of and involvement in the Polkadot network through its DOT token holdings. This complements Advanced Blockchain AG’s direct token investments, and creates a risk-reduced yield returning portfolio management strategy.

This partnership may offer benefits beyond just the staking of Advanced Blockchain’s DOT tokens.

P2P Economy Ltd. is even more than a leading digital asset staking organization; it is highly technically advanced with a deep interest in Web 3.0 and endeavors related to the Polkadot blockchain. The visions and efforts of both Advanced Blockchain AG and P2P Economy Ltd. are well aligned, thus there is ample room to expand the collaboration of these two organizations.  

Therefore, the present partnership between Advanced Blockchain AG and P2P Economy Ltd. opens the door for additional collaborations including working together on future Polkadot venture building, Web 3.0-related projects, and investment strategies. Overall, the relationship with P2P Economy Ltd. will continue to benefit Advanced Blockchain AG as we look to future business opportunities between our two organizations.

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