Advanced Blockchain AG: FinPro AG Closes Software Development Contract for More Than 4 Million Euros

Advanced Blockchain AG: FinPro AG Closes Software Development Contract for More Than 4 Million Euros

One of Advanced Blockchain AG’s invested projects, FinPro, is a streamlined crowdinvesting platform that has built all of its own blockchain-based technology to deliver optimal performance and value to users. Because of these technologies and skills, in addition to its relationship with Advanced Blockchain, FinPro has been able to close a contract for software development for another party.

FinPro AG, a holding company of Advanced Blockchain AG, was able to secure a software development contract with a total value of more than EUR 4 million and a term of one year.

If FinPro AG does not provide the particulars of the development services itself, Advanced Blockchain AG’s other subsidiaries (such as its portfolio companies like will be commissioned to develop these components, as outlined in the terms of the contract.

As a result, Advanced Blockchain expects earnings in the seven-digit from this contract. This income will be spread out over the current and the following financial years.

More about FinPro:

FinPro is a blockchain-based crowdinvesting platform, offering superior technology to its competitors. The organization builds all of its own scalable technologies, unlike other crowdinvesting platforms that outsource their technical components. As a result, not only is FinPro able to utilize and implement the best technologies, but the platform also avoids custodian fees, high Ethereum fees, and long wait-times related to waiting for another organization to greenlight and complete development.

Thus, FinPro’s platform is lower-cost than others in the space, enabling the company to transfer those savings to customers in the form of cheaper yet more efficient products.

Overall, this contract is advantageous to FinPro and Advanced Blockchain, serving as a new source of income and a new opportunity to build impactful software solutions for the blockchain industry.

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