Advanced Blockchain AG Expects 7-Figure Returns on its DOT Token Staking

Advanced Blockchain AG Expects 7-Figure Returns on its DOT Token Staking

These tokens are being staked through the P2P Validator, which utilizes their unique staking strategy to allow the compounding of interest and enhanced staking rewards.

Advanced Blockchain AG is pleased to announce that it anticipates earning 7-figure returns resulting from its recently announced DOT Token staking. This provides solid earnings to Advanced Blockchain, while also augmenting the company’s support of the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem.  

These earnings will be generated from DOT staking via the P2P Validator.

As announced in a DGAP dated January 13, 2021, Advanced Blockchain AG has formed a partnership with P2P Economy Ltd. (, a secure non-custodial staking platform, to continue to stake its DOT holdings, allowing it to receive staking rewards. These DOT Tokens were being staked previous to this partnership, but this collaboration offers improved earnings.

Advanced Blockchain and P2P Economy Ltd. have signed a letter of intent for this partnership. P2P Economy Ltd's P2P Validator will be carrying out the DOT staking via its proprietary non-custodial staking methodology, facilitating enhanced staking. This enables the compounding of interest on the DOT tokens, so that interest is staked for additional gains.

This return is even greater than our initial estimations.

Previously, as a result of this DOT staking through P2P, Advanced Blockchain expected to make a 6-figure annual profit. Now, the company is eager to announce its new projections estimate a 7-figure profit. These substantial future earnings stem from a projected annual return of 31% from the compounding of DOT stakinng.

Advanced Blockchain’s DOT staking also enable the continued support of the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem.

An added benefit of this staking, in addition to the generated yield, is the support and utilization of the Polkadot ecosystem. DOT Tokens are the native token of the Polkadot blockchain ( These coins function in governance, staking, and bonding along their native blockchain. Thus, they facilitate all of the main functions for Polkadot, which offers cross-blockchain operability. Advanced Blockchain believes this interoperability is essential to the future of blockchain, and therefore continues to support the Polkadot ecosystem through various means such as its DOT Token staking.

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