Advanced Blockchain AG Enters into a Software Sale Agreement with a Software Development Company

Advanced Blockchain AG Enters into a Software Sale Agreement with a Software Development Company

This sale is mutually beneficial to both Advanced Blockchain AG and the purchasing company, providing Advanced Blockchain AG with additional income and helping the purchaser expand its offerings.

Advanced Blockchain AG is pleased to announce that it has entered into a software sale agreement with a client in the software development space. The software at hand is based on distributed ledger technology, and is able to operate in a variety of industries and functionalities. As a result of this agreement, Advanced Blockchain AG will receive a mid-six-figure sum in installments over the coming years.

This agreement is mutually beneficial:

This agreement is highly advantageous for both Advanced Blockchain AG and the software development company engaged in the deal. The sale of these software components will provide valuable cash flow income to Advanced Blockchain AG. This will help Advanced Blockchain AG as it works on various venture capital, venture building, and other investment projects, as it strives to actualize its overall ambition of promoting growth and innovation within Web 3.0.

Furthermore, these software components will benefit the client involved in the agreement. The distributed ledger technology-based software will achieve this by strengthening the client’s existing engagements and providing it with additional tools to work on new products and offerings. The components can be applied by our client to a wide range of industries, and will be integrated into the clients’ deployments of its product set.

This agreement proves the concept and value of Advanced Blockchain AG’s software offerings, demonstrating the diverse functionalities of Advanced Blockchain AG:

This sale demonstrates the supplementary value that Advanced Blockchain AG can generate in addition to that which it earns from its multitude of investments and offshoot projects and companies. This proves the diversity of Advanced Blockchain AG as a company, as it is optimally suited to meet a variety of market needs in the blockchain field. Overall, through all of these varied roles, Advanced Blockchain AG is staying well on course to achieve its goal of becoming a thought leader in the industry.

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