Advanced Blockchain AG Closes out 2020 with a New Polkadot-Related Investment and Additional Profits Through

Advanced Blockchain AG Closes out 2020 with a New Polkadot-Related Investment and Additional Profits Through

An investment in the Manta Network complements our other Polkadot-related investments, allowing us to increase our support of the Polkadot ecosystem. Further, our broader investment strategy through has enabled us to close out the year with additional crypto-trading profits.

Towards the end of 2020, Advanced Blockchain AG invested in Manta Network, a privacy-preserving decentralized exchange (DEX). This investment was made through The benefits of this and our other Polkadot-related investments are multifold; not only have they helped us to continue our support of the Polkadot ecosystem and contributed to our profits in 2020, but also such projects will be integral in supporting the success and expansion of the Polkadot network and the projects that operate along it.

The Manta Network fulfills an important unmet market need: a privacy-preserving decentralized exchange.

Limited scalability, speed, and security are common problems presently facing many of the biggest and most prominent blockchain networks as well as the projects that utilize them - including DEXes. Thus, the Manta Network seeks to provide a DEX that alleviates these issues and ensures the utmost privacy for its users and their trades, reducing vulnerability to theft, fraud, and other malicious behavior.

Specifically, The Manta Network provides optimal privacy thanks to its use of zk-SNARKs and its layer-one design. zk-SNARKs are non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs, used by the Manta Network to complete their exchange’s transactions in a secure, scalable, and fast manner. Additional privacy of the Manta Network comes from the fact that it is a layer-one solution, meaning it is built directly into the main blockchain architecture. This was done using a program called Substrate. The layer-one nature of the Manta Network means that it is fully in charge of the underlying blockchain consensus mechanism. The result is a DEX with front-running resilience, where traders and bots cannot see (and subsequently take advantage of) each other's trades.

Our investments in the Manta Network will help us continue our support of the overarching Polkadot ecosystem.

The use of Substrate also means native compatibility with other projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. This was another factor driving our support of the Manta Network, as the Polkadot blockchain is a particular area of interest and investment for Advanced Blockchain, due to its many strengths and innovations that help it to stand out within the industry.

Advanced Blockchain’s recent investment in the Manta Network complements our existing investments related to the Polkadot blockchain network. Combined, these investments allow us to continue our support of the highly promising and innovative Polkadot ecosystem.

Our Polkadot investment strategy also complements our recently implemented DeFi trading and investing strategy, which was already profitable.

Overall, Advanced Blockchain AG has closed out 2020 with additional gains on its investment portfolio. Moreover, Advanced Blockchain was able to achieve this while simultaneously fulfilling its ultimate goal of supporting crucial developments within the blockchain industry.

With these new developments, Advanced Blockchain AG has ended 2020 on a strong note and looks forward to new endeavors and accomplishments in 2021.
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