Advanced Blockchain AG and SOSV Join Forces on a Novel Blockchain Incubator

Advanced Blockchain AG and SOSV Join Forces on a Novel Blockchain Incubator

Advanced Blockchain and venture capital firm SOSV will act to accelerate promising ideas from an early phase into a complete and actualized company. SOSV’s decentralized technology investment arm, dlab, will source the talent and Advanced Blockchain will provide technical knowledge and resources, delivering everything needed to make exciting ideas into impactful innovations.

We are excited to announce that, in partnership with SOSV, Advanced Blockchain AG is developing a new incubator for blockchain-based projects. Under this partnership, SOSV’s venture venture accelerator program, dlab, and Advanced Blockchain are generating a novel incubator program for innovations utilizing decentralized technology. This incubator program will enter at the early phase, acting to accelerate impactful projects from ideas into realities.

SOSV is a global venture capital firm investing into new and impactful projects at various stages.

SOSV ( is a venture capital firm with over $800 million in assets under management (AUM), operating global accelerator programs: HAX (Shenzhen/San Francisco) for hardware, IndieBio (San Francisco/NYC) for life sciences, Chinaccelerator (Shanghai), MOX (Taipei) for cross-border internet, and dlab (NYC) for blockchain technology. SOSV invests in over 150 companies per year and its two-decade track record puts it in the top 10% of VC funds in the world.

SOSV’s investment arm dedicated to decentralized technology, dlab, will specifically be contributing to this partnership.

SOSV’s accelerator programs span a variety of industries, with dlab ( being dedicated to developing and promoting decentralization and blockchain technologies. dlab provides venture capital and other resources to blockchain-based startups. dlab has developed a multitude of impactful ventures in the blockchain industry, such as API3, a German company that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to real-world data. Other notable investments include Credmark (decentralized risk modeling), Quidli (crypto micro-incentives for remote teams), and Crayonic (bank grade hardware security for authentication, digital assets, and e-signatures).

Advanced Blockchain and dlab are collaborating to incubate projects from the ground up. This new incubator will have talent sourced by dlab, while Advanced Blockchain will provide its technical knowledge, resources, and capabilities. Specifically, Advanced Blockchain will provide developmental assistance, strategic advice, and smart contract auditing and development, delivered via consulting hours with each incubated project. Both organizations will split the costs associated with incubation. By delivering this wealth of resources, this new collaboration will allow the most creative newcomers to the blockchain space to have the backing and capabilities they need to fully actualize their ideas.

This incubator enters at a very early stage in order to foster the development of an optimal product.

By getting in on the ground floor, Advanced Blockchain will access a right of first investment, and potentially additional incentives. Furthermore, the organization’s auditing firm, Stela Labs, will be contracted to audit these companies, providing a significant revenue stream.

This new incubator is kicking off.

Advanced Blockchain AG and SOSV will be incubating 6 projects over the course of 6 months.

The ultimate goal is to invest in strong ideas and build them into impactful projects in Web 3.0. dlab and Advanced Blockchain look forward to announcing more updates on the progress of their new incubation project, as they promote a future that embraces decentralized technology.

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