Advanced Blockchain AG and its Portfolio Companies Collaborate to Support ForceDAO

Advanced Blockchain AG and its Portfolio Companies Collaborate to Support ForceDAO

Along with its portfolio companies Stela Labs and, Advanced Blockchain AG is providing various forms of resources to ForceDAO. As a result of this partnership, ForceDAO will be positioned for a more secure and effective product.

It is with our greatest pleasure to announce that Advanced Blockchain AG, in collaboration with its portfolio companies and Stela Labs, are supporting ForceDAO in its mission to bring structured finance and quantitative strategies to DeFi. This partnership is particularly centered around providing technical and security support to ForceDAO, particularly as they aim to deploy Force V2.

ForceDAO is a decentralized finance hedge fund.

ForceDAO ( is a quantitative hedge fund for decentralized finance (DeFi). Their DAO is comprised of strategists, developers, and researchers identifying and productizing alpha across DeFi. Thus, their quantitative investment strategies are community driven. ForceDAO’s short-term objectives are to launch Force V2 (in the aftermath of a recent exploit), in addition to deploying multiple infrastructure and structured finance products that aim to make yield in DeFi sustainable.

The present collaboration involves the exchange of a multitude of services, particularly relating to technical and security support for ForceDAO.

Advanced Blockchain AG is glad to announce the entity, through its portfolio companies, has contributed and will continue to contribute to their vision.

Below we layout some of the synergies with ForceDAO:

  • Provide regular security reviews for ForceDAO’s upcoming products via Stela Labs.
  • Design collaborations for lending and oracle services via
  • More recently, a shared security review with Trail of Bits, where ForceDAO’s unreleased products were reviewed ahead of their V2 launch (index fund, lending and stablecoin).

The collaboration with ForceDAO is centered around contributions, where initiatives (including bug bounties and new product development) are and have been incentivized via Force rewards. and Stela Labs will be actively contributing through the DAO’s “Force Prize” and “Bug Bounty Program”.

Advanced Blockchain and its portfolio companies look forward to a fruitful partnership with ForceDAO, with additional functionalities and potential collaborative projects to be announced.

Further information about Advanced Blockchain AG, Stela Labs, and can be found at their websites,, and