Advanced Blockchain AG Adds to its Polkadot-Related Portfolio by Investing in Fractal

Advanced Blockchain AG Adds to its Polkadot-Related Portfolio by Investing in Fractal

The company will receive 3,770,000 of Fractal’s native FCL token, subject to a vesting schedule. Fractal is a digital advertising protocol built on the Polkadot blockchain, and thus this investment adds on to Advanced Blockchain AG’s portfolio of investments in these types of projects, helping the company to both gain potential value and support this promising ecosystem.

Advanced Blockchain has invested into Fractal (, a blockchain-based protocol offering innovations in the digital advertising industry. The Fractal Protocol uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to enable advertising that maintains user privacy while also promoting interaction with ads and products.

Fractal was created to address a multitude of limitations within the current online advertising industry.

First, there is a lack of security and privacy in many advertising platforms, and while some of the larger platforms are relatively secure, they can also be incredibly expensive. Furthermore, there is no way to guarantee that a user sees an add, or to verify that a user engaging with an ad is a real person.

To address these and other issues, the Fractal Protocol provides an effective governance mechanism which ensures independent attribution and the verification that a user viewed an ad or otherwise interacted with it. An escrow mechanism secures payouts to publishers and insures their claims. Furthermore, user engagement is generated via an opt-in mechanism, privacy oriented data utilization, and awarding a share of ad revenues to users.

This investment will be beneficial to both Fractal and Advanced Blockchain AG, joining the rest of our portfolio of blockchain-based investments.

Advanced Blockchain expects this investment to be profitable, based on the present and past successes of Fractal. Moreover, Advanced Blockchain believes its investment will be beneficial to Fractal, helping the protocol continue to grow and develop new innovations within the digital advertising industry.

The investment in Fractal also augments Advanced Blockchain’s existing support of the Polkadot Blockchain ecosystem.

In addition to helping strengthen Advanced Blockchain’s investment portfolio, this investment also helps Advanced Blockchain continue to promote their overall goal of investing in projects in the Polkadot ecosystem; Fractal is built directly on the Polkadot blockchain, meaning it has the ability to operate with any projects and tokens that exists on blockchains that have been bridged to Polkadot. The Polkadot blockchain and protocols that operate along it are of particular interest to Advanced Blockchain AG, as they offer improvements like superior scalability and interoperability, making them ideal candidates for use in many industries such as finance and advertising. Many of these projects are truly cutting-edge, and represent the future direction of the blockchain industry.

Overall, Advanced Blockchain believes this is a sound and beneficial investment for both companies as well as the overall industry, and looks forward to providing updates regarding this and our other investments.

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