Venture Incubation

Advanced Blockchain has incubated several projects that have later been spun out, providing developer resources, market positioning, product management, economic modeling, and strategic advice. We continue to provide value to our incubation portfolio, and are currently incubating several other projects currently in stealth.

Composable Finance

Hyper liquidity infrastructue

Composable is a hyper liquidity infrastructure layer for DeFi assets powered by Layer 2 Ethereum and Polkadot.


Incubated & seed

Composable website
warp finance
warp finance

Warp Finance

Using LP Tokens to Collateralize Stablecoin Loans

Warp Finance provides a new use case for liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens: acting as collateral in stablecoin loans. This lets users leverage their existing digital assets to enhance their yields, while simultaneously incentivizing the liquidity mining process that has proven to be vastly beneficial to the DeFi field.



Warp Finance website

Peaq Technology

The blockchain platform for the economy of things

Under the umbrella of Advanced Blockchain AG, peaq has become the blockchain technology partner of choice for some of the world's largest companies. Peaq is developing its own foundational blockchain technology system based on its DAGchain® framework.

Peaq website