Investment Holdings

Advanced Blockchain makes strategic investments in projects it considers promising, and tries to add as much value to growing these project’s respective ecosystems. 


Decentralized web 3.0 blockchain interoperability platform

Polkadot is a blockchain network that is being built to enable Web 3.0, a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data and markets benefit from the network's efficiency and security. Polkadot was founded in 2016 by Gavin Wood, the former co-founder and CTO of Ethereum.


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energy web

Energy Web Foundation

The grid’s new digital DNA

The Energy Web Foundation promotes value creation in the energy sector by building and promoting an open, decentralized software infrastructure based on blockchain technology.


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Store Data, Permanently

Arweave enables the permanent storage of images, websites, and all other features of the internet, creating the “permaweb”. This is executed in a highly secured and fully decentralized manner, financially rewarding those providing storage space so that data is permanently stored across hundreds of devices, making it impervious to damages or loss.


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manta network

Manta Network

The first privacy-preserving protocol built for interoperability, scalability, and privacy

Limited scalability, speed, and security are common problems presently facing many of the most prominent blockchain networks and projects that utilize them, like DEXes. Thus, the Manta Network provides a DEX that alleviates these issues via zk-SNARKS and other enhanced data security solutions, reducing vulnerability to theft, fraud, and other malicious behavior. This investment was made through


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An Open-Source Protocol for Exchanging Data in a Fair and Open Way

The Fractal Protocol uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to enable advertising that maintains user privacy while also promoting interaction with ads and products. This combats prevalent issues in the industry including the lack of security, privacy, and guarantees that a user sees an ad - meaning both advertisers and users benefit from this protocol.


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Accessible asset investment for everyone

FinPro’s ultimate goal is to make investments accessible to the German populace via its digital asset investment platform. FinPro makes a multitude of assets, including loans, available for fractionalization, tokenization, and sale, creating a robust investment marketplace.



FinPro website


Blockchain and machine learning based platform to reduce production line scrap

Tracebloc is helping their customers by taking them on a data enablement journey, which ultimately saves production costs and generates additional revenue. The goal is to provide hands-on instruction to optimize the production line and estimate the potential of data-driven production line optimization.



Tracebloc website
stela labs

Stela Labs

Smart contract auditing firm

Advanced Blockchain's Stela Labs offers dual functionalities in auditing and developing smart contracts, particularly those related to the Web 3.0 vision and the decentralized finance economy (DeFi). The Stela Labs team implements a comprehensive smart contract auditing and protocol building strategy that not only aims to make the projects it undertakes more secure, but also more useful and impactful.



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Web 3.0 investor strategically invests in projects that are aligned with our vision to take Web 3.0 to the next level.


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