Advanced Blockchain AG is helping companies make the jump into the new digital economies DLT is creating.
We work closely with our clients from idea through to system implementation and beyond.


The Peaq project

peaq embodies Advanced Blockchain AG’s desire to connect the real world with the power of Distributed Ledger Technology.

The peaq project is a portal into DLT. A portal into a world free from blockchain’s drawbacks, into a token economy in which people can transform their dreams and ideas into projects fit for the digital age. It’s pushing Distributed Ledger Technology to the peak of its potential, greatly facilitating innovation and adding a whole new dimension to the cryptoworld.

'You will be able to tokenize any of your ideas and assets, anything you perceive to have value — will be represented by a digital token that can be traded and sent around the world in seconds.' - Michael Geike

The peaq project is being developed in collaboration with and will be announced over the coming weeks.

DAG Technology Next Generation Distributed Ledger Technology

peaq Website

Our Vision

A tokenized world.

As the tokenization movement enters full swing, the interest and demand for efficient infrastructure continues to grow. All current token creation frameworks are blockchain based. As a result of this, all tokens created through these platforms are restricted by the same limitations that haunt the underlying blockchain technology.

By maintaining the positive aspects to blockchain and improving on its flaws, the peaq project will facilitate all kinds of innovation, making it possible to pursue previously inconceivable ventures in digital markets that don’t yet exist. The fluid forms of value exchange that tokenization on the next generation of DLT will offer, will create a whole new world of use-cases.

The peaq project is the axe to the heavy chains that restrain an industry ready to finally live up to the hype surrounding it. An economically-viable, scalable tokenization framework would provide the basis for all sorts of dreams and ideas, applications, markets and entire economies to be built upon - most of which are currently unfathomable.

Advanced Blockchain AG and DMG MORI join forces to develop DLT solutions for Industry 4.0

Advanced Blockchain AG and DMG MORI AG want to accelerate development of innovative digitization solutions. The aim of the partnership is to apply Distributed Ledger Technology to real world industries. The cooperation is open to other partners.

A distributed ledger is a decentralized database that allows users of a network to store and share information. As opposed to centrally managed databases, in DLT (an umbrella term describing technologies such as blockchain) there is no need for an intermediary or third party to create the entries or verify them.

Both companies have identified a number of potential applications for DLT. A first pilot project has already been initiated. Further projects, which may involve other industrial partners, will follow.

Michael Geike, CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG expressed his satisfaction with the deal, saying; 'With this cooperation we have created a great basis for applying Distributed Ledger Technology in this industry. The application possibilities of the technology are many — and will both change traditional business models, and make entirely new ones possible.’ Mechanical engineering in particular is ripe for industrial application of DLT — especially in the documentation, certification and leasing areas.

DMG MORI considers digitization and automation to be important fields for the future, along with Additive Manufacturing, Technology Excellence and DMG MORI Qualified Products.

Advanced Blockchain AG, based in Berlin, are experts in the field of DLT. They have set themselves the goal of bringing Distributed Ledger Technology into the real economy. They focus on B2B business in the area of ​​Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Additional information on DMG MORI AG:

DMG MORI AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools with sales of more than € 2.3 billion and over 7,000 employees. Together with DMG MORI Company Limited we form the ‘Global One Company’ achieving sales of more than € 3 billion. With the APP-based control and operating environment CELOS as well as exclusive technology cycles and power tools, we are actively shaping Industry 4.0. More than 10,000 DMG MORI machines are already equipped with CELOS. DMG MORI also offers its customers and suppliers a consistent digitization strategy with its open, digital ADAMOS platform. Our customer-oriented services cover the entire life cycle of a machine tool include training, repair, maintenance and service of spare parts. With the partner program “DMG MORI Qualified Products” (DMQP) we also offer perfectly coordinated peripheral products from a single source. The “Global One Company” has more than 12,000 employees at 157 sales and service locations — including 14 production plants — worldwide. DMG MORI supplies customers from 42 different industries in 79 countries. Further information as well as up-to-date images are available at

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