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Advanced Blockchain AG focuses on the creation,
development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology.

We know Distributed Ledger Technology can benefit all of society. Our goal is to ensure that it does.

Advanced Blockchain AG focuses on the creation, development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology software as the foundational layer for companies and their products and services.

While Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA are all interesting cryptocurrencies - it is the technology underlying them that is of most interest to the companies of tomorrow and not necessarily the currencies themselves. The value of each cryptocurrency is ultimately derived from the technology powering it, such as Blockchain, smart-contracts and the Tangle Network.

They’ve initiated the decentralization movement, made peer-to-peer transactions more efficient and secure, and introduced us to immutable, trustless networks of value exchange. The technology has opened up a whole new dimension to what we currently perceive to be possible in the digital world.

Although Distributed Ledger Technology may suit certain companies and industries more than others, it is essentially industry-neutral. The difficulty often lies in understanding how your company or practice can benefit from implementing DLT software, as well as selecting, creating and developing the right software to fit a given need.

Recognizing opportunities which DLT can exploit requires a thorough understanding of the technology, sufficient relevant experience and the right technological know-how to follow through on any given project. Advanced Blockchain AG offers all of this.

Apart from software design and development, we also offer consultation services to companies considering making the jump into the world of DLT. Here we do our utmost to ensure that we understand what your company does and how it works, to be able to pinpoint opportunities for DLT to increase efficiency, security, productivity and ultimately, bottom-line.

Advanced Blockchain AG and our team of experts are at the forefront of these exciting new developments in the digital world. By helping companies make the jump into the world of DLT - product by product, network by network - we aim to bridge today’s economy, with the better connected, more inclusive economies of the future, ushering in the next wave of the digital age.


What we do

Advanced Blockchain AG is making it viable for companies to incorporate the technology and its benefits into operations, products and services through meticulous research, close collaboration with clients, and design, development and implementation of DLT software.

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