Team and Board of Directors

Our team brings their expansive and diverse industry experience to Advanced Blockchain. Through our varied past endeavors, we have united under the realization that blockchain and decentralized technology have a major capability for improving people’s lives and businesses.

CEO | Managing Director

Michael Geike

CEO and co-founder of Advanced Blockchain AG. Michael is a mathematician with over six years of experience as Vice President of Exotics & Hybrids Trading at JP Morgan. He also worked at Zalando, where he built teams of data scientists and AI specialists focused on optimizing payment algorithms. He has been working intensively on Distributed Ledger Technology for over nine years. He founded various companies in this field, including one of the first companies in Europe, which in 2013 focused exclusively on cryptocurrencies and mining.

CIO | Managing Director

Simon Telian

Simon is Group Chief Investment Officer and CEO of GmbH where he is responsible for the 8-digit investment portfolio of Advanced Blockchain AG. Simon started his career at Dresdner Bank and subsequently worked for Commerzbank as executive assistant. After holding various positions at Rocket Internet and Asia Venture Group, he founded his own company in South Africa which he later successfully exited. Most recently, he was responsible for the operational business for the Swedish edge cloud company CloudBackend AB. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Corporate Management & Economics.

Head of Investments

Sebastian Hildermann

Sebastian Hildermann is Head of Investments for Advanced Blockchain AG where he is the chairman of the due-diligence committee, and spearheads the expansion of Advanced Blockchain’s investment portfolio globally.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Sam Winkel

Sam Winkel holds a degree in economics and has over 25 years of capital market experience. During his active career as CEO, he headed publicly traded companies and as an independent advisor he was involved in the stock market listings of a large number of companies in various industries. Mr. Winkel advises international entrepreneurs and companies, investors, startups and founders. One of Mr. Winkel's special areas of expertise is consultancy for companies seeking to go public via listings and SPAC transactions.

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Marek Kotewicz

Marek Kotewicz has been actively involved in the blockchain space since 2014. He worked as a software engineer for the Ethereum Foundation on the first ethereum implementation. In late 2015, he joined Parity Technologies to help further shape the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem. Since then he helped build various projects, including parity-ethereum, parity-bitcoin and Polkadot.

Supervisory Board Member

Marcus Deetz

Prof. Dr. Marcus Deetz is a university lecturer in Finance, Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science. He has more than 20 years of capital market experience, is represented in the management of various publicly traded companies and has in-depth experience in the field of international accounting, due diligence audits and interim management.

Supervisory Board Member

Mark Weerts

Mark Weerts has been Managing Director of a successful German fashion company since 2018. In his role as Managing Director with focus on marketing, product management and sales, he understands the current market dynamics and formulates future strategies to transform the company in a future-oriented way. Innovation and implementation of new technologies play a central role in this process.

Supervisory Board Member

Olav Sorenson

Olav Sorenson (Ph.D.) is a renowned researcher in the area of economics and entrepreneurship, including crowdfunding, startups, and venture capital strategy. His primary affiliation is with the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he holds the Joseph Jacobs Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies. As a result of his work, he received the 2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research.